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(your email address) - where the real estate investor market is always hot. With real estate credit virtually non-existent, facilitating a direct 1031 exchange between property owners is a great alternative. is the oldest, most trusted, and fastest-growing online exchange website for the trading or property swap of commercial real estate properties.

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 Tax Saving Strategies

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Jim Wilson, CCIM - Member Of The Board Of Directors For The Childrens Community Foundation, A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) Administrator

 The Benefits
* Sell appreciated assets such as real estate and NOT pay any tax on the gain.
* Retain direct control of the reinvestment of sale proceeds.
* Keep the income from assets for life.
* Control taxable income in any one year.
* Access to non-taxable cash up to 50% of the value of re-invested trust assets.
* Pass 100% of asset value to heirs in cash WITHOUT exposure to estate taxes.
* Receive a tax deduction this year!
* Be able to add assets to the CRT in the future when it is time to sell and avoid taxes (receive another tax deduction for each asset added to the CRT).
* As a bonus, give 100% of the value of assests to the charities of choice.

 Legally Avoid Paying Taxes On Real Estate Gains
This is Made Possible And Easy When You Call Childrens' Community Foundation

Before the Seller accepts a sale contract.
The Children's Community Foundation assists Seller & his legal/tax counsel to set up:
(1) A self directed charitable remainder trust.
(2) A wealth replacement insurance trust.
(3) A self-directed investment account.
These can be accomplished quickly and at a nominal cost.

Like taking the ownership out of the right pocket, which is taxable and putting it in the left pocket, which is NON-Taxable.

Seller has his charitable trust sell the property so there is NO TAX on the gain.
The government will let yo make a profit on investments and NOT PAY TAXES if you will make a donation to charity after you die.

To qualify only 10% of the value of the asset is required to be donated to charity after you die.

Seller controls reinvestment of the sale proceeds and keeps the income for life.
Seller remains the directing trustee of his trust and can reinvest in non-real estate assets such as securities, annuities, mutual funds, mortgages, etc. as they choose. The seller can control the amount of taxable income taken from their investments in any one year.

If the money is not needed for current year personal expenditures, why take it and pay taxes? Investments can be made inside the trust on a tax-free basis.

Seller passes assets in cash to heirs through wealth replacement insurance.
The wealth replacement insurance trust is funded with insurance paid by the seller's charitable trust. After the seller dies, the charitable trust bexomes a donation to charity but the wealth replacement insurance rust pays the cash value of the seller's assets to his heirs and/or assigns WITHOUT any exposure to estate taxes that might be in force at that time.

Almost anything that can be done in a will to organize and direct the passing of assets to heirs can be done with a wealth replacement insurance trust and often much more effectively.

 Seller Has Access To A Substantial Portion Of Reinvested Assets
By Using Bank Funding Repaid By The Payments From The Trust To Service The Debt.

Up to 50% of the liquid assets inside the trust can be borrowed via a bank line of credit. Low cost credit life is used to pay the principal upon the death of the trust beneficiary (Seller) and the turst payments are used to service the debt.

This is the same as if the seller had obtained a mortgage on an income producing investment property. The seller would have the cash and the assets would repay the debt from rental income. It is just simpler and easier using a charitable trust under the umbrella of the Children's Community Foundation.

 Here Is The Choice...
Pay the taxes on gain to the government upon sale and reinvest the after-tax proceeds of sale.


Keep the income from reinvestment of the entire proceeds of sale for life, give the entire net proceeds of sale to your heirs, and as a bonus, give an equal amount to your favorite charity.

Any Seller Of Appreciated Property Has The Right To Choose.

Exercise that right!

 Contact Jim Wilson For More Information
For a closer look into your particular situation, and additional information contact me at 800.459.9002 or email

Posted: 6/28/2001 6:40:58 PM

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