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(your email address) - where the real estate investor market is always hot. With real estate credit virtually non-existent, facilitating a direct 1031 exchange between property owners is a great alternative. is the oldest, most trusted, and fastest-growing online exchange website for the trading or property swap of commercial real estate properties.


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 IRS 1031 Guidelines
Multi-Asset 1031 Exchanges (Real & Personal Property)
Chicago Deferred Exchange
Conferance Call on March 23, 2001 with Chigago Deffered Exchabge Corp. adressing the complex issues involving a Multi-Asset 1031 Exchange.

IRC 1031 and Property held as Tenants in Common, Partnership, LLC or Trust
Chicago Deferred Exchange
"The complex Issues Regarding a Property Interest Involved in a Section 1031 Exchange that is held or Acquired in a Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Trust" - dated January 11, 2001.

 The Pro's Corner
Abatements Provide Service & Earn Income!
Anthony G. Ziagos, Sr.
As the real estate market has gone through a decade of growth, most residential and commercial brokers have had a few prosperous seasons.

 IRS 1031 Guidelines
Partnerships & LLC Issues
Shirley McCabe
Requirements Of A 1031 Exchange Where The Property Is Owned By A Partnership Or Limited Liability Corporation, LLC.

IRS Allows Reverse Exchanges
Russell J. Gullo
One of the significant issues that remained unresolved, even after the enactment of the Exchange Regulations of 1991 was the ability to perform a "Reverse Exchange".

1031 Exchanges Can Save You Thousands In Taxes
Tom McMillen
Have you said any of the following to yourself?

How to Select a Section 1031 Qualified Intermediary.
Shirley McCabe
Name an unregulated industry responsible for ensuing compliance with complex and unclear tax regulations, while at the same time handling hundreds of millions of dollars of clients’ money. Stumped?

IRS Issues And The Reverse Exchange Ruling
Gary Gorman
The IRS has just issued the reverse exchange ruling, which has been expected for nearly a year.

 Escrows and Closings
State by State Closing Guide for Real Estate Transactions
Sandy Gadow
How Real Estate Transactions are handled in the different Stats across the U.S.

 IRS 1031 Guidelines
Vacation Homes & IRC 1031
Tom McMillen
What if a vacation home is not rented out?

 Escrows and Closings
Mortgage vs Deed of Trust
Sandy Gadow
What is the Differanne between a Mortagage and a Deed of Trust

 Lease Options
Tax Implications of Lease Options
William Bronchick, ESQ
The "Dealer Rule" and Lease Options

 Due on Sale
There is No “Due on Sale” Jail
William Bronchick, ESQ
18 USC Sec. 1010 makes it a crime to make any false statement in regard to a loan insured by HUD. This law has been used to prosecute borrowers who lie on their loan applications for FHA loans.

 Installment Sale
Installment Sales Out - Exchanges In
Russell J. Gullo
Installment method background and planning considerations

 Property Basis
Determining Property Basis
Ray Massey
Whenever property is disposed of by sale, gift, trade or inheritance, a potential tax consequence exists. The gain or loss from the disposition of the property is determined by comparing the sale price to the adjusted basis in the property.

 Press Releases
Real Estate "Creates First of a Kind "
Yahoo! Finance was specifically designed for principals and agents with properties for exchange, to automatically structure real estate transactions and directly submit e-mail offers online.

 Spam & Scam
As grows in popularity, unfortunately so do the number of spammers and scammers.

Ree is taking an active position to prosecute fraudulent scammers.

If you have received, any suspicious offerings please forward to for our review and follow-up with the Attorney General. will try to post possible spam and scam emails on this page as they surface. If in doubt about the legitimacy of a mail you may have received avoid proceeding with that party and inform at

The best approach for you is to be cautious and diligent. Pass on any offering that is vague, suspicious, or seems to good to be true.

Here are a few suspicious emails we have come across:

The Alrasak L. Mukalele spam
Spam Mail
Don't Fall for this one...

The Paul Adams Scam
Scam Mail
Paul Adams is offering to put cash in your bank, after you tell him your personal info including DOB, bank account numbers, etc...

James Ehis scam
Scam Mail
James Ehis real estate scam offering to trade for 8 million barrels of crude oil for your property.

Mcclain Email Real Estate Scam
Scam Mail
A recent scam mail promising to send a $10,000 certified bank check to your bank account once you provide additional personal information.

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