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(your email address) - where the real estate investor market is always hot. With real estate credit virtually non-existent, facilitating a direct 1031 exchange between property owners is a great alternative. is the oldest, most trusted, and fastest-growing online exchange website for the trading or property swap of commercial real estate properties.

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 Instructional Tips on Using

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You will need to sign in with your username and password when you use If you do not know your username & password mail a request to along with your name and a property # if you have one.

 The below information includes:
  1. Changing your email, username & password
  2. Getting started generating exchange possibilities
  3. Adding your property listings
  4. Editing / Deleting your property records and finding Matches
  5. Automated Tour (tutorial) on using
  6. Adding Photos to your property record
  7. Our Contact Information for additional assistance
  8. Terms and Conditions
 1. Changing your email, username & password
To change your email address, contact info, username & password, sign in with your current username & password using the "Sign In" tab in the top bar of our web page. Click the "My Desktop" tab in the top bar if you are not already on your "My Desktop" page. Just below the "Welcome" text are links for editing your contact information and changing username & password.

 2. Getting Started:
The very best way to start generating exchange possibilities for your properties is to use the "I am interested in the below property (subject to inspections)" link at the top of each property record.

  • Start by locating 10+ properties that you would consider exchanging your property for.
  • Click the "I am interested" in your property link at the top of the property page.
This will email the other party a link back to your property page, so they can review what you have and a message that you have some interest in their property. By using the "I am interested" in your property link this will also add your property to our multiple property exchange tracker for possible 3 or 4 way trades.

 3. Adding your properties to the website:
  • Click the "Add Properties" link in the left margin.
  • Select the type of property you have from the pull down box at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill out the form with information on what you have.
  • Click the "Next Page" Button to save your information and continue adding your property information.
  • If you need assistance adding your property, contact us at
 4. Editing, Modifying and Deleting your property records:
Your properties on will be located on your 'My Desktop' page. From your Desktop page you may access your property records for editing, updating and deleting. You may also search for exchange matches from this page.

To access your property records:

  • From the home page, click the Sign In tab on the top bar.
  • On the right side of the Sign In page enter your username and password, then click submit. (You have already registered.)
  • Click the 'My Desktop' tab on the top bar (if you're not on your Desktop page).

  • From your 'My Desktop' page, you will see the 'edit' link next to the property title.
  • When you want to change/edit property information, click the edit link next to the property name.
  • When the Property Overview page opens, look in the left margin, (The top yellowish five links are for editing your property) Click the section you want to work on. Don't forget to use one of the update buttons at the bottom of the edit pages so the changes you make will be saved.

  • To Delete one of your property records, Click the "Delete" link to the far right of the property you wish to remove from our database.
To locate other parties who want the property you have and who have the property you want, click the Match and Have/Want searches from the 'My Desktop' page. This will pull up a list of possible matches based on the information contained in each party's property record.

 5. Automated Tour (tutorial) on using
We recommend you take the 'Automated Tour' located in the left margin or accessed from the below link. This will give you an overview of the site features and how to add properties, locate exchange possibilities and submit proposals to other users.

 6. Adding photos to your property record:
You may add photos of your properties by using the "Add Images" link located in the left margin of your property record when you are signed in. Image files must be 2MB (2000000 bytes) or smaller in size to upload properly. If you are having difficulties adding your photos, we will do it for you. You may email a couple of photos as file attachments to

 7. Our Contact Information:
Feel free to email us anytime you would like assistance. We are here to help you get the most from


Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Thanks for using, or
"The M.L.S for Property Exchanges"

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